Froggy Angel Soft Matte Case for Switch (Regular, OLED, Lite)

- $-35.00 USD
  • $35.00 USD

Available in a bright and cheerful avocado green, these hard snap-on cases provide light protection for your Nintendo Switch. They have a durable soft matte finish that is beautiful to look at and comfortable to hold. Your Switch may or may not be able to be docked with the case on due to Nintendo's sizing inconsistencies between batches. 

The OLED Switch case is a bit trickier to get on due to the large kickstand. There are little notches on the case that help the case stay in place and must be "clicked" on. Please check the videos if you need help getting it on your console!


  • Fits Regular, OLED, or Lite Nintendo Switch. The regular and OLED cases are not interchangeable so please choose the appropriate model.
  • Soft matte Silicone finish
  • For decorative usage and light protection.